My Top 12 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks.

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Posted by Adelaide


Adelaide Brooks is a Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach with a Degree in Sports and Exercise Science and a Masters in Psychology.  She has over 20 years experience as a trainer and has worked in the medical, pharmaceutical and fitness industry. 


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If you're looking to keep the excess weight off over the holidays but don’t want to give up the alcohol, here’s my top 12 low calorie alcoholic drinks for you. 


All drinks are under 100 calories per single serving and remember to stick to the drinking guidelines.

4) Single Vodka and Slim Line Tonic – 70 calories per serving.  

Having a slim line tonic is key as regular lemonade will increase the calories content.

5) Single Malt Whisky on Ice - 72 calories per serving. 

6) A Martini Rosso - 73 calories per serving. 

Try a glass of Martini instead of a Mojito. 

7) Red Wine – 75 Calories per serving. 

Do check different varieties.

8) A flute of Prosecco – 80 calories per serving. 


9) A flute of Champagne – 84 calories per serving. 

The holidays are coming and what better tipple than Champagne at just over 84 calories per serving.

10) Bloody Mary – 90 calories per serving. 

Under 100 calories and still filling one of your 5 a day!

11) Pimms and Diet Lemonade - 91 calories per serving. 

12) Miller Lite, Heineken Light, Michelob Ultra Carbs and Corona Light  - 96-99 calories per serving.   

Last but not least for all you beer drinkers.   A cold beer for less than 100 calories which is not bad as most regular beers start at around 149 calories per bottle.

Beware of high sugar mixers and alcopops as these are usually loaded with sugar and high in calories.  Liqueurs such as Drambui, Contrau and Kahlua also pack a big calorie punch at 188 calories despite the small servings.  Vermouth; sweet varieties way in at around 140 calories and dry 105 calories per serving.

If you like your booze with less calories but still want a great taste check out Skinny Booze at

1) Single Bacardi and Diet Coke/Coke Zero – 66 calories per serving.

Opt for a low sugar variety of coke and add ice.   


2) Single Southern Comfort and Diet Lemonade - 55 calories per serving.  

Again same rules as above apply.  Opt for a diet/low sugar version of Lemonade.

3) Tequila and Soda mix – 69 calories per serving.  

If you like Long Island Iced Tea then this is a great swap.